We would like to welcome you to a truly unique experience.

For your 2017 holiday we are pleased to add to our packages, a romantic Hungarian vineyard getaway. Our small cottage, ( in Hungarian called a Pince ) ,was traditionally used by the villagers in the summer to grow crops and establish their own personal vineyards.


This offer is for people who want to experience a totally different type of holiday. Set in a beautiful location on the outskirts of the village our guests can experience living almost totally " off-grid ". Sit out at night watching the sunset and cook over the Bogracs, or open fire and as darkness falls you will see the night sky lit up with stars. There is no light pollution here. The view during the sunny, summer days across the peaceful valley is breathtaking.


The wine cellar maintains an all year round temperature and is very cool in summer, making it an ideal refrigerator

There is no electricity, no WiFi, no television, no telephones. ( Although there is a good mobile phone signal available ! ).

This holiday is suitable for those who want to get out of the "rat-race" for a few days, for people to enjoy nature, for romantics who would like to sit out under the night sky and for those who just want a few days peace and quiet.

Lighting at night consists of oil lamps, solar lights and candles.

This is a complete "get away from it all" experience 


Dates available from April - October  For more details and booking please click HERE.