The cost of living in Hungary can be substantially less than in UK though obviously, this depends on your lifestyle. Products such as brand named supermarket goods which are imported, are obviously more expensive. The following information should hopefully give you an idea as to the cost of living:

§ Electrical and white goods are generally the same price as in the UK but usually for a more dated model. The exception is computers and laptops, digital cameras etc which tend to be a bit cheaper than the UK.

§ Water is inexpensive,the average bill for a couple is about £15. Most village houses have a septic tank system and therefore, there is no sewage charge. For properties on mains sewage, the sewage charge is  the same as the water charge.

§ Electricity  for a two bedroom house, in the region of £40 per month.

§ Heating in winter£60-80 for wood per month or £80-£120 for gas depending on how well insulated your property is Landline and Internet is about £20/ month for a connection in 2mb connection in Villages, up to 5mb in towns – faster connections are available in the towns.

§ A bottle of  wine will cost upwards of £2,  cigarettes from £2.25/20.

§ 0.5 litre Sopron beer 55p

§ Pork and chicken  about £3-5/kilo depending on the cut.

§ Beef and lamb is more expensive £5-6/kilo.

§ Large fresh baked loaf 55p Large wholemeal fresh loaf 70p

§ Litre of milk 75p

§ 2l Pepsi/cola/sprite £1

§ 10 Free range eggs £1

§ 1kg carrots 33p

§ 1kg of fresh paprikas 25p

§ 1kg Potatoes 40p

§ Cooked chicken £3.40

§ Eating out  many restaurants have menus starting from £2.50  for 3 courses or starters from £2 and mains from £4.

§ Car road tax which is collected by your local council averages about £30 a year.

Local council tax varies depending on property location and size but is typically between £25-100 per year.