Hungary is quickly becoming a popular destination for expats looking to retire in a country or simply have a change of life in a country where the pace of life is slower, the cost of living more affordable and the climate more agreeable. The following information will hopefully help you make an informed choice when considering Hungary as a possible retirement location. For pensioners from EU countries, applying for residency is extremely easy and very straightforward. The process is slightly different for those who have not yet reached pensionable age, further details can be found below. An application for residency must be made at the office of Immigration and Nationality. These can usually be found in the main town of each county.  An appointment can be made in advance or alternatively, you can visit the office without an appointment though you have to wait before being seen.



The following list of items should be taken with you:

1. Application forms can be obtained from the office or downloaded online.

2. Money stamp for 1000 HUF available from any post office.

3. Photocopy of bank statement.

4. Photocopy of proof of pension.

5. Photocopy of marriage certificate.

6. Contract from house purchase or title deeds or if relevant, rental agreement.

7. Passport

8. EHIC card from the UK or proof of private health insurance.

The process should take approximately 2 hours and during this time you will have your photograph taken at the office, usually at the visit least one English speaking member of staff detail of the process alternatively, we can provide you with assistance. You registration card (Regisztraciós Igazolás) which is commonly termed residency card,  will be issued on the day and your address card (Lakcimet Igazoló Hatósági Igazolvány) will arrive by post seven to ten days later. 



Residence registration card


Address card

Not all documents will be required as, of the time of writing,  the process does not appear to be standardised across offices therefore, requirements vary slightly and it is best to take the documents listed above and save yourself a second visit. The process for EU nationals who have not yet reached pensionable age is similar to the above however, you are required to provide proof of employment or show that you have sufficient funds to support yourself and dependants during your stay. Therefore, proof of income or a bank statement showing sufficient funds to support you during your stay in Hungary, must be provided. Additionally, you will need to provide either your EHIC health card, proof of private Health Insurance or other the E104 form which can be applied for on the HMRC website using the appropriate form. Again, standardisation across offices is inconsistent and one or all of these will be accepted depending on the office.

Non-EU nationals can obtain a visa and residence registration, though the process is more complex with the main requirements being:

§ Hungarian registered, active company. Company bank account and accountant.

§ A minimum of one visit to Hungary in order to incorporate the company and open a bank account.

§ Proof of property purchase or rental agreement.

§ Proof of medical insurance.

§ Verifiable income/savings.

§ Police certificate declaring no criminal convictions.

Sufficient funds to establish the business in Hungary.


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