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When you decide buying a property you will want everything to be handled perfectly. We offer full guidance on handling the purchase of your property. We will do whatever we can to guide you through the procedure. Everything will be handled by ourselves. This is an advantage for you as buyer as we will guide you through the contract and completion as well as the transfer of your electricity, water connection, bank accounts etc. We have the knowledge as we have done it ourselves. We have excellent English speaking Hungarian staff available and it is their job and ours to be at your service throughout the purchasing process..

Are you looking for assistance in any other areas other than our "viewing" and " help to buy " services ? We may be able to help you searching for that special house, or assist you in case you have already found your house; wish to start a business; need a solicitor; wish to refurbish or renovate?? Look at the page for services, or send us an email and we may be able to help.


Hungary house and land prices are incredibly low when compared with the rest of Europe. Should you wish to find out more we can provide first hand experience and if you follow this link many more of your questions will be answered.  We also provide all of the following:


  • Airport Collection and Transfer Service
  • Bed and Breakfast Accommodation
  • Escorted Viewings
  • An experienced multi-lingual property lawyer for all conveyancing
  • A full after sales service including help with residency and address cards plus bank accounts and transfer of name for all utilities.
  • Our full experience and knowledge will help you settle in to your new way of life in Hungary 

Where we can help you

Lake Balaton is very well known and we have properties both South and West  of Lake Balaton.  We specialise in properties away from the main tourist areas of Lake Balaton,where we can offer you houses in a very good price range from about £4,000 to £50,000

The properties we offer give an opportunity for everyone. You can already buy from GBP 4,000. Obviously this is not an immediately habitable house, but a building with walls and a roof. From GBP 8,000 you will buy a much better quality house that is possible to renovate. From GBP 10,000  up you have something that you can instantly use for your holiday home, or even permanently to live in. Property of more than GBP 50,000 will be very large, or you pay for the location, such as near the lake. In short, for all possibilities and amounts you can find your dream property.


All Hungarian Country Homes prices include all costs (excluding tax).


As you can see there are quite a lot of possibilities, so if you are looking for your Hungarian Country Property, we are sure we will be able to help you

Buying Process

In general ,buying a property in Hungary is no problem for EU-citizens. In the EU it is agreed that everyone can buy in all Member States. Obviously there are some exceptions (eg wine houses and large land areas), but generally you can purchase everything we have on the website.

Your first step will be to come to Hungary and meet with the our representative. If you want to buy, you can start the purchase process if you are in Hungary, but this can also be arranged when you return home. Most of the buying process can be arranged through email and Skype.

 Here you can read more

on the buying process.

Contact us

You are very welcome to pay us a visit. Just send us an email and we will arrange a meeting

We operate by appointment only. The team at Hungarian Country Homes will be delighted to help you realise your "Dream in Hungary". If you have any questions about rules and regulations, investments or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us.