Hungary is sparsely populated and has an abundance of trees, lakes and wet land making it an ideal destination for bird watchers. In fact the unspoilt natural environment of lakes, reeds, forest, wetlands, rivers make it very unique compared to other parts of Europe. The bird life is very diverse because many eastern species reach their western most breeding point here in Hungary. It is not uncommon to spot well over 200 different species in a matter of days. The best websties to check for detailed information are and The Cormorant is very common as are all different species of Heron. The most noticeable is the white stork which can be seen nesting on tops of telegraph poles in many villages. Other species include little bittern, great white egret, roller, great bustard, crane, red footed falcon, imperial eagle, ferruginous duck and black stork. The best times to visit are during Spring and Autumn when migrations are at their peak.